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Alysia D Evans


"Books and doors are the same thing. You open them, and you go through into another world." – Jeanette Winterson

My Books

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Queen Vs Queen

When ice queens converge at a business conference, they exhibit ultimate control, authority, and strength. The conference forces the women to show their vulnerabilities. Will they thrive in the training situation? Can the training institute create any potential couples? Or will romance remain hidden beneath the ice queen’s iceberg?


Lucy fell in love and survived a potential break-up with Jaz. Now she is on the verge of marrying the woman who invited her into her family and freed her from a vindictive husband. The only event which could improve Lucy’s life is locating her daughter, adopted from her at birth. If she could apologise, and ensure her daughter had a safe, content life, Lucy could move on and live her own life in peace.

Redbush Lemon.jpg

What do you do when life has got on top of you? When you need to find yourself? Lucy decided the answer was to disappear into another world. She expected her exciting holiday in Botswana would expand her knowledge, observe life in a different culture, and allow her to meet new people. When she met her tour guide, Jaz, Lucy was about to learn a lot more about herself. And considering what was happening back at home, her holiday became a life-changing event. Jae says, ‘Twist and turns, interesting characters and beautiful descriptions of South Africa.’

Red Bush and Lemon – 
The Life of Lucy: Part 1

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Red Wine and Mint Cake -
The Life of Lucy: Part 2

From Jaz, Lucy discovered true love. Slowly, she was overcoming the negativity instilled in her by an abusive ex-husband. However, living rurally, away from her hometown, makes Lucy insecure. She needs Jaz’s help to navigate a way through her new life. Busy working and helping her family, Jaz doesn’t realise Lucy is finding her new life challenging. Jaz’s workaholic actions disappoint Lucy, causing their relationship to fall from wonder to despair. Will the two of them be able to reconcile and re-align their lives to take on the challenges the future may bring?

Red Mist and Solace -
The life of Lucy: Part 3

Desk with Book

"Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale"

Hans Christian Andersen


South Wales, UK

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